Working on Glory Dogs, which takes place on an alien planet creating a exciting beautiful world is important. At first it seems a daunting task. Looking at some of Mark’s sketches I want this to work and be believable.

Luckily upon opening Epic Games launcher, I stumbled upon Brushify in the marketplace. This environment shaders pack was a game changer for me in developing the planets that the characters of Glory Dogs would explore. was created by Joe Garth. Joe is a professional environmental artist working on AAA games and recently worked with Quixel “Rebirth”. Joe has made great progress in creating the best biomes, full shader packs for Unreal Engine… Check out all of the full packs Joe has created here:

Not only are we using Brushify for Glory Dogs but we got a chance to meet with Joe via Skype and interviewed him for our podcast.. If you get a chance listen to the entire podcast here:

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