Deep Space Lunar Radiation

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The Far Reaches of Space

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Interview with Udemy Teacher Stephen Ulibarri

Our latest podcast we had the fortune of speaking with Stephen Ulibarri. Stephen is a former chemical engineer turned programmer and Unreal Engine advocate. His training on Udemy was one of the first we’ve used to get to know the UE4 interface. Stephen has very detailed explanations of the engine’s interface, viewport, world outliner, content […]

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Working on Environments in UE4 with Brushify

Working on Glory Dogs, which takes place on an alien planet creating a exciting beautiful world is important. At first it seems a daunting task. Looking at some of Mark’s sketches I want this to work and be believable. Luckily upon opening Epic Games launcher, I stumbled upon Brushify in the marketplace. This environment shaders […]

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Creating our prototype.

Using Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games – it is the perfect gaming engine for Agent Stream Gaming. We are working on creating the best third person RPG called Glorydogs: First Contact. Right now we are laying the framework out. Using Virtus Learning Hub and Unreal Engine’s online learning to supplement any lag in our […]

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